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Your double degree

What do you think about taking up a Bachelor study programme that will grant you two degrees?

If it is your wish to pursue an international career, our English-taught International Business Program is an excellent choice. But you can go even further: Decide for the Double Degree Program which is offered in cooperation with 9 (nine!) top-ranked Business Schools and Universities.

You will spend your 5th semester and 6th semester at the partner university of your choice. During your 6th semester you will write your Bachelor theses for ICN and the respective partner university.

Once you have successfully completed your final theses, you will be granted two Bachelor degrees, the ICN Bachelor in Management (Sup Ést Diploma) and the degree of the partner university.

So are you ready to obtain second degree and boost your international career?

Two degrees will not only give your CV an impressive twist – you will also gain a lot of knowledge and experience. During your studies as well as during your time in the country you will gain deep insight into different projects and be able to actively work on them. This is the perfect preparation for a leadership role in a big international enterprise.

Whichever university you choose, we’ll be here to support you.

"Linnaeus University was my first choice as Scandinavia has a well reputable education system and I have always wanted to go high north. The fact that I was able to do my double-degree was of course also an advantage.

So far, the winter has pleased me the most and the possibility to write many projects independently was very positive.

I would advise everyone to sign up for the waiting list for the apartments as early as possible and prepare for a very nice time. And of course: Don’t forget your winter clothes!"

"My Name is Marine Tritz, I’m 20 years old and I’m a French student in the University in Münster. I choose to study one year in the WWU because of the opportunity offered by ICN Business School to have a double degree.

There are a lot of differences between ICN and WWU. For example, in Münster we are allowed to choose the classes we want to follow, either in English or German. However, to validate the double degree, we have to pass the exam of Management and Governance and INTOP Seminar.

The university is huge. They even say that the University’s Campus is the hole city, because there are several buildings where we are likely to have class.

In my opinion, the lessons are complicated because it includes a lot of mathematics. To succeed an exam, you have to learn very much.

The city is very beautiful. It is so pleasant to walk around the lake, or to ride the bike on the Promenade.

The city center is quite small, but very lively, especially during Christmas Time. Münster is a student city, where we can find everything we need: library, shop, cinema, theater, museum, fitness studio, bar, restaurant, club, etc…

The presence of international students make the city very rich. The Erasmus association organized a weekend in Berlin. It was amazing!

To conclude, Münster is a perfect city to study and to make friends."

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