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"My daughter, comes from a francophone family and she did all her schooling at the French Lycée, yet all of sudden, she decided to pursue her undergraduate studies in business in Germany!!! We, as parents, had no choice but to give our blessing. Once in Germany, my daughter opted to go to ICN Business School instead of going to an old well-known public university. A group of dedicated managers who are always with and close to their students;

• A group of outstanding professors coming from different backgrounds and from different countries as if they were representing today’s globalized world;
• Students going to a small size classrooms allowing professors to know each of them and to follow up closely his/her academic development;
• A very healthy social environment where students know each other and interact in a harmonious way;
• The blessing of being in Nurnberg: a student city by excellence that make our children stay pleasant and culturally enriching …

In brief, ICN Business School is not a tradition business school. It is a school designed for the 21st century; an academic institution made to cope with globalization; a miniature of our today’s world hosting students and professors from all over the world; an authentic idea reflecting the partnership between academic and business community … Simply said: I’m confident for the future of my daughter…"

"A wonderful Campus in the heart of the city. A multi-cultural environment in a class of 35 students. Direct contact to the Professors and Business professionals create the perfect mix for the outstanding Bachelor program I’ve experienced at ICN Business School Campus Nuremberg."

"The person that wants to be successful has to be visible. This means: presenting yourself and your topics, skills and values in form and content in a competent and inspiring way is key. In my Workshops at ICN Business School Campus Nuremberg, I transfer this knowledge and skills to the students, so they’ll be #readyforeverystage."

"Taking in new perspectives, finding alternative solutions and broadening their own horizons are important parts of our students’ personal development. With my own experience as the CEO of a large german business education company and from countless leadership trainings provided by me, it is my personal utmost concern to transfer this knowledge and share the experiences with our students."

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