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bachelor day

Welcome to the ICN Business School Nuremberg Campus

We’ve set up the foundation of ICN Business School on 3 major values which are taught and lived by on our national and international Campusses


Tolerance, respect and empathy are basic pillars of our societies. In your Bachelor Program at ICN Business School, you will come together with many students from different nations and cultural backgrounds. During your studies, you will be in a personal development process fueled by the experiences and influences your will get from all the diversity our Campus offers to you.


Engagement, motivation and accountability represent our understanding of mutual respect which our students see and live by as the guideline for our art of intercourse between each other.

Team Spirit

Interdisciplinary work between departments and regions, intellectual flexibility and a universal understanding of different context will be decisive and crucial factors in a digitalized and automated future. Our Bachelor program is designed to develop your talents and skills to become a responsible, creative and successful entrepreneur and problem solver.